Late-Term Pregnancy Termination

In Israel late-term pregnancy termination, after 22 weeks may be performed if significant fetal abnormalities are detected, usually by ultrasound. Medical opinions may advocate terminating the pregnancy however ultimately this is a parental decision. Parents are required to meet with the hospital ethics committee for approval before the termination proceeds. This process means that the women will undergo a “fetal reduction” to stop the heartbeat, the labour will be drug induced for delivery of a stillborn baby.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy for medical reasons is one of the most difficult decisions for a couple, or woman to ever make. Every hospital in Israel has a social worker assigned to the maternity ward, who should accompany the woman, or couple through the process of termination. If you find yourself faced with the decision to terminate your pregnancy and would like support during or after the process, please contact us with any questions or concerns and we will be there to support you through the very difficult physical and emotional process.

The below hospitals conduct late-term pregnancy terminations. Below are the contact numbers for the hospital’s ethics committees which need to approve a termination before it can go ahead:

  • Ichilov: 03-6925657; 03-6973574
  • Asaf Harofe: 08-9779680/1
  • Belinson: 03-9376666
  • Bnei Tzion: 04-8359300
  • Barzilay: 08-6746173
  • Hadassah: 02-6777362/5; 02-6422758
  • Hamercazi Bemek: 04-6494246
  • Meir: 09-7472252
  • Merkaz Refui Lagalil: 04-9107609; 04-9107765
  • Rambam: 08-8542788
  • Sheba: 03-5302782
  • Wolfson: 03-5028455; 03-5028860

Support Resources & Services

Candles of Hope offers a range of support services that respond to the evolving needs of the Israeli community. If you want to talk over the phone, by email or in person, you can share your story knowing that we will listen and respond with empathy and in confidence.

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