At Home After a Stillbirth

If you have delivered a stillborn baby your body will need time to physically recover. You may be given medications stop the production of breast milk and your body will respond in the same way hormonally, as though you delivered a healthy, live baby. If you had a stillbirth after 22 weeks you are entitled to 15 weeks maternity paid leave. Your emotional journey of recovery, acceptance and loss will perhaps be more complex than your physical recovery. Please accept offers of practical support from your family and friends, such as meals or looking after other children. During the time that you are resting at home, try to protect yourself and your family by accepting visitors of your choice. It is acceptable for you to say no to some people who ask to visit you in your own home. It is also important that you do not spend too much time with those individuals who may leave you feeling stressed at this emotionally vulnerable time. Candles of Hope is here to support you at a difficult time of life. Please see our support services section and contact us with any questions:

Support Resources & Services

Candles of Hope offers a range of support services that respond to the evolving needs of the Israeli community. If you want to talk over the phone, by email or in person, you can share your story knowing that we will listen and respond with empathy and in confidence.

Support Services

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